Sunday, April 20, 2008

thinking deep thoughts

i am: sitting a the computer when I should be cleaning house
i think: I would love to take a nap
i know: I am blessed
i want: pictures of our boys in Haiti
i have: the best family in the world
i wish: we had all the money for our adoption, right now
i hate: cleaning house (see #1)
i miss: living close to my friend Erin
i fear: a heart attack
i feel: overwhelmed a lot lately
i hear: Dora the Explorer (argh!)
i smell: my roast in the oven, I hope I don’t overcook it before Pedro comes homes but I’m still confused between Fahrenheit and Celsius …
i crave: chocolate & sweets
i search: my e-mail every day for pictures of our boys in Haiti
i wonder: if people think we are crazy sometimes
i regret: being too serious with my kids
i love: my family
i ache: for my children to grow up in love with Jesus
i care: about adoption
i always: stay up too late.
i am not: disciplined like I should be
i believe: in God’s grace
i dance: with my sweet boy and girls (but mostly, I love watching them dance!)
i sing: Were It Not for Grace & Trust His Heart (my theme songs)
i cry: when I feel overwhelmed
i don’t always: do what I know I should do
i fight: selfishness
i write: in half a dozen journals and on my blog, and poetry
i win: not much, I am very un-“lucky” in that area
i lose: my patience with ceaseless whining
i never: want my kids to feel like they can’t talk to me about things
i confuse: my priorities
i hope for: God to provide a way for my in-laws to visit us in Chile
i listen: to my husband’s opinions and am proud of him
i can usually be found: taking pictures of my kids
i am scared: about not making a difference here
i need: to know my husband loves me
i am happy about: life

(I borrowed this idea from Jamie's blog ...)


ERIN lee said...

hey i was close to tears myself this morning and you succeeded in bringing them on! cause i miss you to!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

i hope you get pics of your kids VERY soon!

T and T Livesay said...

Greetings to Chile from Haiti!
Thanks for visiting our blog --- prayers for an amazing adoption -- that builds your faith and blesses your entire family.