Saturday, December 15, 2007

That Was ... Fun??

My husband and I must have different definitions of the word “fun,” because when the house started gently shaking this afternoon that was certainly not the word that came to my mind! But Pedro’s response was: “That was fun!”

The tremor was gentle enough to be just a tremor, but long and strong enough for Eva to feel it for the first time. She came out of the bedroom announcing, “My bed is shaking!” just as I was stepping into the hallway and trying to determine if the shaking was getting any harder and whether I should wake the kids up from their naps.

Having lived through an earthquake as a child, I still experience moments when adrenaline rushes through me and I have even made my husband laugh by leaping out of bed in the middle of the night due to imagined tremors. When bedtime rolled around tonight, Eva got up once to ask me whether earthquakes only came during the day and wanting to be reassured that Mommy and Daddy weren’t going anywhere. True to form for our more timid child!

Our not-so-timid child provoked a laugh after the tremor, when Pedro went downstairs to see if she had felt anything. (She had just been sent to our bedroom in an attempt to separate the girls for naptime.) Isabel’s reply was, “Yeah, the whole bed was shaking!” but the attitude she portrayed while saying it was more like, “Well, duh! The entire bed was shaking!” And all the while she just calmly kept playing with stickers like nothing was going on!

So that was our excitement for today!

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