Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You Are God's Plan for the Orphan

Today there are more than 143 million orphans in the world. That's approximately one-half of the population of the U.S.! Most of these children live in poverty, are malnourished and experience daily rejection.

So began an e-mail I received this week from FamilyLife™, announcing that they along with Focus on the Family®, Shaohannah's Hope, and Crown Financial Ministries are “joining hands and voices with more than 75 orphan care providers, church-based orphan ministries, and adoption agencies to plead the cause of orphans in need.”

The e-mail introduced a new website, cryoftheorphan.org, and announced a week of special radio broadcasts during "Cry of the Orphan" week on “FamilyLife Today," “Focus on the Family," and "Money Matters" Nov. 12-16.

I hope you’ll tune in.

And as the e-mail also reminded me, caring for orphans does not solely mean adoption. It means truly “caring” for them … through prayer, through mentoring, through missions trips, and through adoption.

You are God’s plan for the orphan … as am I … the question is, how will we allow Him to use us?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog since before you arrived in Chile. Your children are precious and if I had my own way I would have adopted numerous children, especially dark-skinned, curly haired ones, a long time ago. I hope one day we will. We've been trying to conceive for 6 1/2 yrs and haven't yet for no medical reasons that we know of.

Thank you for keeping your blog posted. I enjoy reading it and looking at the pics.

We're missionaries in Papua, Indonesia.