Monday, November 05, 2007

Introducing Welcome Home Ministries Africa

I recently learned of an orphan/adoption ministry in the country of Uganda, a country which currently has over 2 million orphans. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, there will be 8-10 million orphans in Uganda. Because November is a month to celebrate adoption, I thought I would introduce this ministry to you in today's post. The following information is from their ministry's website at

Welcome Home Ministries, Africa (WHMA) is the first and largest orphanage in Jinja for children from birth to 6 years.

It was founded by the late Jackie Hodgkins in 1995 as a home for dying and destitute babies. Babies born prematurely, or with Malaria, AIDS, Tuberculosis, Measles, Starvation, and other potentially fatal diseases would find God’s love through the staff of WHMA. Although they were able to save most babies, some passed on to a better life, knowing that they were very much loved and wanted.

Because of positive health advances in the nation, Uganda has fewer babies dying from physical starvation and neglect, yet there are still many heartbreaking cases. There are still many orphans whose mothers die in childbirth from AIDs or some other complications, other babies are simply abandoned, often at the dump (some have even been rescued from pit latrines). Some toddlers brought to us survived by scavenging at the dump for food. Still others were born in prison and have only known prison life until they come to us. They all arrive at our door in need and WHMA is dedicated to meet their need regardless of family history, handicaps or disease. Children who would otherwise be rejected and discarded, now have a chance at life. We are a team of 47 staff presently meeting the needs of up to 60 babies. Our ratio of 1 “Mom” to 3 children ensures that each child gets the love and attention they need and deserve. But often 1 mom is needed for each preemie baby .

You can also view the ministry of Welcome Home Africa on this video:

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