Thursday, November 01, 2007

Even in the Little Things

At the Women of the Harvest Conference last week, we were encouraged to look for the “doughnut moments” in our lives. The story was told of a missionary wife who found herself lonely and pregnant in a Middle Eastern country where she struggled with the language and culture and in particular, with her landlord! One night she had a vivid dream about Krispy Kreme doughnuts and was left longing for some. Of course it was only a dream because doughnuts didn’t even exist in that culture! Until one day, when her landlord unexpectedly arrived. He delivered something to her house helper and departed. Unbelieving, she looked at the plate and discovered hot, steaming … doughnuts! (Or at least the Middle Eastern equivalent!) No one had told the landlord anything about her craving. And to the missionary wife, it was a beautiful and unforgettable reminder that God cared for her … even in the little things.

I guess you could say that we had a “doughnut moment” this week – or at least, that we had a reminder that God does care for the little things in our lives! You might remember the little car accident we had a few weeks ago and our recent visit with the other driver and his family to pay for the repairs. The amount of the repairs was 53.000 Chilean pesos, roughly around $100 dollars. My dad handles our bank account in the States, and we had gotten an e-mail from him just a day or so before. The purpose of his e-mail was to tell us that he had received a check for us from one of our supporting churches in Michigan and had deposited it into our bank account. And you guessed it – it was for $100 dollars!

Pedro and I shared this experience with one of new Chilean friends and before we knew it, between the three of us we were remembering many such “doughnut moments” in each of our lives. We serve a great and mighty God, yet He loves us so much that He takes the time to show us He cares … even in the little things!

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