Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cool ... and a Little Freaky!

I installed a sitemeter on my blog to see how many times it is viewed in a day, and who is viewing it.

It is cool … and a little freaky.

In just the past few hours since I installed it, I have had visitors from Newark, Ohio and Troy, Ohio … from Cochranville, Pennsylvania … from Osseo, Minnesota … and from Trgu, Mehedinti (Romania!)

So, welcome! (And won’t you take a minute to say hello?)

(: (: (:


ERIN lee said...

tell me how you did that.

David and Kristi Flinck said...

Osseo, MN that's us.
We check everyday.
But do you check ours...that is the question.

Deborah said...

Troy should be me...but I didn't get on here until today. Shill, perhaps? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from North Idaho!
I try and stop in once a day and catch up on your posts. I don't have a blog of my own, thank you for sharing your adventures in Chile.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Stephanie I have been trying to leave a message but I have B-safe and it was blocking me and then for some reason my internet explorer wouldn't work but today I can finally say HELLO! I enjoy your blog and try to read it weekly to get your perspective as a missionary wife. I am going through my prefield experience and would like to also write a blog but am not as gifted in writing as you are. We actually went to orientation with the McIntyre's who will be going to Africa this month to start an orphanage in Uganda. Small world.
Audrey Bollers Faith Baptist Church