Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Chilean Groceries

A lot of things come in little bags here ... soups, jams, tomato sauce, even spices.

Our two favorite kinds of cookies so far ... Pedro really loves the Tuareg cookies with its coconut cream!

We just discovered this sugar-free juice ... it's really yummy and the proceeds help the Teleton, an annual event to raise money for disabled children.

This is how Pedro makes his own half & half for coffee here, mixing light cream and 2% milk. He likes the Parmalat brand of cream because it doesn't produce "floaties."

Tea is even a more popular drink than coffee here; if you ask for coffee, you typically get a cup of hot water and a can of Nescafe! But Starbucks is making inroads into Chilean society and as for us, we brought our coffee maker from the States and just run it off a transformer.

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