Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dreaming Doesn't Cost Anything ...

Tonight Pedro and I happened to read a bio on a young man who attended our home church at one time and has grown up to be a super talented professional musician. He plays the euphonium, which is the instrument Pedro majored on in college as well. One Christmas several years ago, I heard this young man play and even to my untrained ear I could tell that he had a gift ... he made his instrument sing and it was absolutely beautiful!

Anyway, that got us looking at euphoniums on Ebay and we found Pedro's dream instrument. Years ago, we were given a monetary gift so that Pedro could buy a euphonium but unfortunately we went the Ebay route and ended up with an instrument that even after being sent in for a professional tune up, did not work correctly. (It was really our fault for jumping the gun and going with an unfamiliar brand.)

Actually, Pedro doesn't have many opportunities to play the euphonium in his day to day activities but over the years his music training has allowed him to participate in community bands and/or praise teams at church. Last year, he used his music background to teach in a one-week music school for Hispanic young people in Texas - but no one signed up for the euphonium, so he taught piano! (It was very basic, he assured me!)

But if he ever did get back into music, this would be his instrument of choice ... a professional Yamaha euphonium with a compensating system (don't ask me what this means, however!)

So for everyone who has ever asked us "what exactly is a euphonium?" here is a beautiful one you can take a look at ...

Because dreaming doesn't cost anything!! (: (:

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