Friday, October 12, 2007

Beautiful Chile

This is the time of year when the seasons are changing in Chile as winter turns into spring and spring into summer.

One of my favorite things about our new house is the view of the beautiful Andes mountains, even now as the foothills are becoming greener every day. The flowering trees are in full bloom, and the weather is a perfect blend of warm sunshine and cool breezes!

Chile’s natural diversity is one of the most fascinating things about this country. From rugged, dry deserts to wet and colorful coastlines, Chile has everything from snow-capped mountains to fertile green valleys to the vast, untamed regions of Patagonia. As a child growing up here, I had the privilege of traveling all the way north to Arica and all the way south to the islands of ChiloĆ©. I have never forgotten the beauty and excitement of each new place we visited as a family, and only hope we can create similar memories with our own children as we begin our new life in this very special country!

Of course, the true heart beauty of Chile is found in its people.

I love the warmth and enthusiasm of the Chilean people, their enjoyment of life and ability to cherish relationships. I admire the pride they take in their country and traditions. I like their sense of humor and desire to always be learning and growing. I appreciate their language (Spanish spoken Chilean-style!) with all of its quirky idioms.

Most of all, however, I admire the commitment of Chilean Christians to Jesus Christ. Many if not all of our Chilean pastors must work a full-time secular job as well as ministering full-time as pastors. Our seminary students step out in faith to pursue a Bible degree, knowing that the degree alone will be unable to financially support them or feed their families. I am humbled by the faith of our brothers and sisters in Christ, who serve faithfully with little human reward but who will undoubtedly receive a rich reward in Heaven.

And so it is a privilege to stand beside them and minister here … in beautiful Chile!


Anonymous said...

Reading your post makes me miss Chile so much. I wish I could come for a visit to Chile, I am sure it has changed so much. Your kids are beautiful!!!

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