Sunday, October 07, 2007

20 Miscellaneous Observations

  1. We must live in a popular area for door-to-door surveys.
  1. Sushi is a big thing in Chile right now.
  1. It seems like there is a veterinarian on every corner.
  1. There really are stray dogs on every corner.
  1. Uniforms are a very big deal in Chilean culture.
  1. SUV’s are not as popular here as in the States, but those who drive them do not know how to park.
  1. Paying monthly rent always involves a personal visit to the bank and a personal visit to the realtor’s office.
  1. Paying other bills involves a personal visit to a special bill paying place.
  1. Calling for internet maintenance does not result in the promised service within 72 hours (one week and counting …)
  1. Empanadas are a favorite quick lunch meal.
  1. It’s important to always have small change to tip people – grocery baggers, parking lot attendants, etc.
  1. McDonald’s all have a separate McCafé where desserts and coffees are served.
  1. Fresh warm bread is a wonderful thing to behold.
  1. A morning at church typically runs from 10 AM – 2 PM.
  1. It’s important to pack drinks and a snack for the kids on Sunday mornings.
  1. The Autopista Central is also called Ruta 5.
  1. Evening events usually don’t start until 8 PM.
  1. Auto mechanics often use the street as their working station.
  1. Speed bumps are very popular here.
  1. Sunday nights are an insane time to shop at the grocery store.

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Deborah said...

I LOVE getting to see these snapshots!! :) Thank you for sharing!! :)