Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vistas of Viña

We had a wonderful time in Viña del Mar this weekend! Our hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton, are long-time missionaries and family friends who spoiled us with delicious meals, great conversation, and late-night games. Although we experienced a big temperature change (it was quite chilly at the beach!) we still enjoyed walking around town, sightseeing and shopping. I took over 70 pictures! Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Viña at Night

Viña at Daytime

Isabel was Mommy's special companion this weekend

Looking up at our friends' apartment building

Jenn & Bekah

The littlest girl (:

Full view of our friends' building

Public transportation at its best (:

A vendor's stand (aka a child's dream)

Feria artesanal (outdoor vendors of handmade items)

Beautiful handmade scarves

Another cool reflection shot

The mall decorated for "fiestas patrias"

An advertisement for the "18" - Chile's Independence Day

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