Monday, September 03, 2007

First Day of School - Eva

My sister Terri asked why I hadn’t put pictures of Eva’s first day of school on my blog. The truth is, I was waiting to get a picture of Eva in her school uniform. However, we still don’t have her uniform! The problem is that while her MK school runs according to the American calendar and is just starting their school year, Chilean schools are entering second semester. The stores that typically carry school supplies and uniforms at the beginning of the Chilean school year in March, are not carrying them any longer. So, you (and I) will have to be satisfied with these pictures from Eva’s second day of school for now:

Please pray for Eva, as she has to make up several weeks’ worth of school work. She has gotten discouraged a few times because she is not used to having so much homework, especially while her younger sister and cousins have very little. Eva also gets easily frustrated/bored with her reading. Mommy and Daddy are learning more patience and trying to find way to show her how reading can be very rewarding! These pictures are from this morning, as Daddy was helping Eva with the final pages of her reading homework:

On a brighter note, Eva really enjoys her class and has already made friends with some of the other little girls. She has also made us laugh with a few of her antics during her first week of school! More on that in another post …

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Anonymous said...

The book Eva is reading is the EXACT one we've been doing with Logan. You can tell Eva he just finished reading the story about "Pug"!