Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrating the Dieciocho (18th of September)

Fiestas Patrias (Chile)

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The Fiestas Patrias is the independence day celebration of Chile. It officially lasts for two days:

Unofficially, the celebration can last for around a week, depending on when it falls (for example, if the 18th is a Wednesday, celebrations extend from Saturday the 14th, through Sunday the 22nd). Most schools and jobs declare a week-long vacation for the holiday.

Together with Christmas, the fiesta is the most important time of the year for most Chileans.

Use of the flag

In Chile, it is mandatory to hang the Chilean flag from every public building in the country for the Fiestas Patrias. The flag should be in perfect condition, hung from a white pole or from the front of every building, horizontally or vertically. If hung vertically, the star should always be in the upper left corner, visible from the front of the building. Since 1967, this has been a mandatory practice, punishable with fines in local currency of up to 40,000 pesos (about US$ 75)[citation needed].


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