Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hopefully Tomorrow

… this will be our new car. We have agreed on a price with the owners and plan to meet them at the notary with check in hand tomorrow!

For anyone interested, this is a 2005 Chevrolet Zafira with approximately 17,000 miles. The Zafira is described as a “compact minivan” (we call it a mini, minivan) or a “Eurocab.” It is smaller than a minivan but does have a third-row seat and can hold 7 passengers.

We opted for this type of vehicle because (1) the price was right, (2) it is more fuel efficient (in Chile, the price of gas is over $5/gallon), and (3) maneuvering larger vehicles in city traffic and finding parking is cumbersome. It is a standard, so we’ll have to get used to that again after driving an automatic for the past few years. But we are excited and hope everything will go smoothly with the sale and transfer tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Hey, it has been great fun staying updated on your saga of getting to Chili and I am so happy that you guys are getting settled in and the kids are enjoying their cousins.

Now that we have #4 on the way, we are in need of a minivan, too, but hopefully a little more than a mini, minivan!! :) I hope your vehicle meets your family and missionary needs!!

Anonymous said...

Did you get your mini minivan?? :) Hugs!