Saturday, August 18, 2007

Childish Chatter

Tonight I was talking to my children about our big trip on Tuesday. The girls are both excited, especially Isabel. (A little while later, I overheard her singing a made-up song about Chile and living there, which was really cute.) Eva's excitement is tempered by a bit of nervousness, especially when I mentioned that tomorrow is our last church service in English and that next week we will be having church in Spanish, in Chile! She got a worried look on her face and the first thing she asked was, "Will Mati be in my class?"
Mati (short for Matias) is her cousin and special friend. Apparently he is very excited for the girls and Owen to arrive, too! He is going to be meeting us at the airport with his mom and dad (my sister and brother-in-law) on Wednesday morning.
I was talking to my sister today, and we decided we can't wait to hear the kind of conversations Eva and Mati will carry on now that they are older. They both tend to think deeply about things and come out with very interesting comments! Recently, Mati has been "obsessing" about who he is going to marry. (He is only five years old.) He asked his mom how he was going to find a girl who spoke English to marry? While she assured him that there were many girls who spoke English, she also reminded him that he can speak Spanish and could marry a girl who speaks Spanish. To which he responded very seriously, "No, Mommy, my mouth would get way too tired!"
Whatever we would do without this kind of childish chatter to make us laugh? (: (:

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