Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cabins, Colds and Craziness

We're back! From vacation, that is. We spent Monday through Saturday with our friends Jim and Charlene Barnes (and their two daughters) at the most beautiful little cabin on Forest Lake in Algier, Michigan.

The idea of a vacation together was ours, but the provision of such an awesome place to stay was totally God's. All we could say was "Wow" when we walked into this lovely, completely and carefully decorated and fully furnished cottage "North of the Tension Line.” This was offered at completely no cost to us through Quiet Place Ministries, whose

“purpose is to provide a retreat for individuals, married couples, and families involved in Christian ministry. At no charge, pastors, missionaries, and those in Christian service can enjoy a time of renewal, relaxation, and refreshment. We invite them to "come..... to a quiet place and get some rest." MARK 6:31

We are so thankful for the time we had away, even though I spent the morning of our last full day in the doctor’s office! Unfortunately, I came away with the beginnings of bronchitis and Owen with a nasty cold. Regardless, we made many good memories and are ready to dive into the busy days ahead!

Tomorrow we will spent a full day at our home church, First Baptist of Lapeer and are anxious to reconnect with our friends there. Pending the repair of our front passenger window (currently stuck in the down position), we anticípate leaving for Delaware on Monday. We have a meeting scheduled with the passport agency in Philadelphia on Wednesday at 9:30 AM to renew the girls’ passports. Please keep us in your prayers!

That’s all for tonight … But of course I can’t sign off without a random picture or two. Enjoy!

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Pep said...

Stephanie - Was so glad to hear about your vacation! God is good, isn't He!? But, sorry to hear you've been sick. How are you feeling now? Gosh, I miss you - it's been a while since we chatted. Good thing we have blogs to read for up-dates! Hugs - Pep