Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Was I Thinking???

Picture this:
- One small consignment store chock-full of children’s clothing (and very little wiggle room)
- One special members-only, one hour only, $5 fill-a-bag promotion
- One ever-growing crowd of people outside the store’s front door with 15 minutes to spare
- One mad dash to fill the small consignment store with approximately fifty bodies of men, women and children
- One worthless air-conditioning unit
- And, One mom crazy enough to brave the crowd with her 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son

Yes that would be me! And no, I did not last long. Talk about INSANE!! Eva had agreed to “babysit” her brother (ie, keep an eye on him at all times) in exchange for being able to buy something for herself afterwards. But there were SO many people pushing and pulling that I kept worrying about my kids and couldn’t concentrate to join the fray. I didn’t fill any bags, but did find a few pairs of shoes on sale. I paid for those at the front of the store, only to discover that Owen had disappeared to the back of the store once again! It would have been nearly impossible for me to shoulder my way all the way back through the crowd, so I sent Eva to get her brother.

Picture this:
- One stifling, standing-room only small consignment store
- One 6-year old daughter crawling on her hands and knees between grown-up legs and crowded display racks to retrieve her brother
- One 2-year old son doing the army crawl behind his sister to return to the front of the store

What a sight! Truly one of those “What was I thinking???” kind of moments!!

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