Monday, June 25, 2007


Heard in the backseat:

Eva, talking to no one in particular, asks: “Am I turning black?” Then in a singsong voice, “I wish I was black, I wish I was black …” Followed by, “I wish I was a fish, fish, fish …”


On the very last leg of our trip to Michigan, it was Isabel’s turn to pray in the car. She prayed for safety and then, “… and thank You that we’re back in Michigan, and please give our family one baby, if that is Your will …”

This was followed by Owen yelling, “My turn!” and saying his first solo prayer which went something like this: “Thank You … Father … thank you … sh-sh-sh … Thank you … sh-sh-sh … Amen!”


Just after Isabel’s prayer for safe travels, we turned onto an on-ramp for the highway which is often tricky with a car – much less a van pulling a heavy trailer! Yet we were able to enter smoothly, without even the slightest delay. Daddy took advantage of a teachable moment to point out to the girls how God had already answered Isabel’s prayer for safety!

Eva replied excitedly: “And He did it right away! Right away! I’ve been praying for baby Ian for so long, but this time God answered right away!”


“Cause I’ve been teaching her and teaching her … and now she knows it! It surprised me! Every since I got bigger, I have taught her!” - Eva from the backseat, excitedly remarking on Isabel’s newfound proficiency on the Barbie computer while traveling in the car


It’s the little things that delight our children … like driving fast over a dip in the country road and getting butterflies in their stomachs. Seeing the innocent excitement and joy on their faces is what delights me!


Deborah said...

***HOW precious!!!*** And HOW FUN!!!! :) :) :)

So glad to hear from you, sweet Steph!! :)


DeAnna said...

Oh how sweet those stories are. Its so great that you were able use that as a teachable situation for them to know God answers prayer. And for the record, I still like to ride fast over hills in the country. :)