Friday, March 16, 2007

Unexpected Kindnesses

Tears ran down my cheeks as I read the letter that arrived in today's mail. Sometimes it is those kindnesses which truly catch us by surprise that bring us the greatest emotion! A longtime friend and former co-worker, whom we have not seen in almost two years, unexpectedly sent us a small package. It contained photos of her, my sister and me from our days of working together years ago in Pennsylvania. It also contained a letter and a generous check ... The letter was addressed to "Steph, Pedro & Little Angel Children" and in explanation of her gift she had written, "The money is for your baby fund."

My tears were not over the generosity of the gift, though it was truly generous. But it was the love for our family I sensed behind it, and even more so the sense of support and solidarity that the words and gift gave to me ... that even in these days when time is slipping away and my heart often despairs, someone else is cheering us on in our desire and hope for another child.

So thank you, thank you ... you know who you are. Thank you for thinking of us and cheering us on. And know that we are thinking of you in return and praying for God to continue to make Himself real to you in a very special way, today and every day.

Con mucho cariño, Stephanie

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