Friday, March 30, 2007

Prolonged Hope ... or Disappointment?

Today I spoke with the director of our adoption agency. She wanted to encourage us not to feel like our time had run out just yet, even though we have anticipated the end of March as our "cut-off date". In fact, she wanted to encourage us to keep waiting until the very end for that child God might have for us. She said they see so many "possibilities" every day and she believes that one of those will become our reality, one of these days.

I explained that I did not see how we could wait any longer due to the post-placement timeframe ... though initially they had said we might be able to request an expedited finalization, we were told it would probably still take four months. She then shared with me that they have worked several times with a missionary family to Chile in the past, and that the judge waived the entire post-placement for them once because of their impending return to the field. I guess you could say Sara is a "glass is half-full" type of person, because she certainly believes there is a way for this adoption to happen if God wills it!

So I entitled this post "Prolonged Hope ... or Disappointment?" because the excruciating reality we call "the wait" will apparently continue to stretch ahead of us for a few more months. May God see fit to allow the next phase of our wait to be short and sweet! In the meantime, the agency plans to put us in touch with this adoptive family in Chile and I am very excited because they, too, have adopted African-American children. They live in La Serena. I look forward to hearing about their experience raising these beautiful children in the wonderful land at the "end of the earth!"


Sweet Peace* said...

Oh, how I can almost feel your thoughts... you were getting ready to really accept the news of this deadline but now a longer road has shown up in your path... Hang in there. Our dear Lord works in mysterious ways...He will continue to lead you.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the Lord is "stretching" you and your family.

Our prayers will continue for your family.