Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Praise & Prayer

Today we received an e-mail from a member of our Chile Field Team, asking for one specific praise and three specific prayer requests to be shared at an upcoming CFT meeting. We appreciate so much knowing that our future co-workers are upholding us in prayer! I thought I would share my response here, as I know there are those who read this blog and pray for us as well. Thank you so much for that!

Please give our greetings to the CFT and thank them for their prayers. One specific praise is that Pedro has successfully passed the mid-semester point and we are on the "home stretch" towards completion of language school.

As far as prayer requests, please pray (1) that God will give us wisdom and strength for the myriad details and preparations for our move to Chile - we still need to return to Michigan, itemize, pack and ship our belongings as well as obtains visas, visit a couple of supporting churches, etc. etc. Also, (2) that the children will do well during the upcoming transitions and travels. And finally, what is most heavily weighing on our hearts right now, (3) that God would miraculously open the door to adopt again in the next 2-3 weeks. We believe He is able and that He has placed this good desire in our hearts over these past thirteen months. However, if He chooses not to we would ask for grace in accepting His will and sharing that with our children, and for His guidance and provision in repaying one particular adoption grant if we are unable to adopt.

Thank you again ... Greetings and blessing to all!


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Anonymous said...

Hey there stephanie.... my name is Lauren Milner and Im from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I lived in Antofagasta Chile for a year long exchnage program last year getting home in august, and as I sit around miising it so much I often find myself googaling it trying to find other people who have had the smae amazing experience as me. I came accross your blog and read it excitedly, knowing that you will have a marvelous time In chile which I think is a very unique and spectacular country. Antofagasta though seemingly boring as a small city in the middle of the desert has wonderful people, and if you stay for long enough a difference form anywhere else in the world that you quickly become attached to. While I was there I had a good friend whose family had moved there from australia many many years before as missionaries. they have 6 kids and one of their daughters and I had a nice connection both of us knowing fluent english. Of course she also had impecable spanish being raised there. My spanish improve quickly with the help of the alwyas patient chilean people and it ended up being the best year of my life. I am hoping to have the opportunity to go back for their summer in november. Good luck with your trip, I will continue to follow your blog to hear about all of your stories as you move their and become acostomed to the new life.:)