Sunday, March 04, 2007

If you think of it, would you pray for two special requests? One is that Owen, our 23-month old, would recover from a nasty bug which hit his system on Friday and is making him very sick. Along with that, we're praying that his sisters would not catch the bug, which quickly seems to be spreading among the toddler-age children here at language school.

The second is that this month of March has been our anticipated cut-off date for being able to accept placement of another child. We have been trying to adopt again for over a year, and this weighs so heavily on my heart throughout every single day. We've seen God work miraculously before, and know that He can do so again. As one friend reminded me recently, "God is never too early, and He is never too late." We are praying for our child, who even now may be in the world or coming into the world this very day, or week. We are praying for his/her birthparents who will be facing a time of heartbreaking realities and choices. And we are praying for our family, that God would prepare our hearts to receive His decision, whichever it may be, and especially that we would have wisdom in talking with our daughters who have faithfully, daily prayed for "baby Ian" for this past year.

Thank you, and blessings to each of you this week!

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