Monday, February 19, 2007

Milestones & Answered Prayers

At first glance, this may look like just another picture of a little girl with her baby dolls. But to our daughter Eva, this is a picture of answered prayers! For many months, as we have been praying for another baby brother to arrive, Eva has been praying for "twins" as well. Though we assured her that with God all things are possible, at the same time we tried to gently make her aware that it was highly unlikely that we would receive a phone call asking us to adopt both a baby boy AND twins (boy/girl twins, mind you - Eva was very specific on this point!)

This past weekend, she spent Friday and Saturday with her grandparents and Aunt Nina for a special birthday sleepover. This included a trip to the store, where Aunt Nina surprised Eva with an extra birthday gift - a set of baby doll twins, one boy and one girl! Eva told us, "I prayed for twins, and now I have twins!" And though she also acknowledged that "they are not real twins," she agreed that she would be happy with this answer to her prayers even if "real" twins did not accompany her baby brother's arrival after all ... (:

And this is a picture of Eva's latest milestone! Mommy and Daddy were quite surprised when she announced that she had a loose tooth a week or two ago. Being an emotional sort of girl at times, she was excited/nervous/happy/weepy all at the same time, insisting that it "hurt" yet not wanting either of us to touch it! We were even more surprised when just a few days later, Mommy picked her up from school and her tooth was already missing. She told us that she "ate" it, so we can only assume she accidentally swallowed it during lunch!

At any rate, her teacher sent home a special award certificate from the "lost tooth club" to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Despite repeated reminders, the tooth fairy proved rather forgetful and Eva was disappointed to find no money in her bed when she awoke the next morning - but then Mommy told her to check "one more time" lo and behold the tooth fairy had done her duty! (:

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Pep said...

Aunt Nina must be really special! That is such a "warm fuzzy" story.
Did she name the twins?