Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Waiting ...

For the past several years, I have enjoyed submitting some of my poetry to a Christian newsletter for couples facing infertility and pregnancy loss (Stepping Stones). One of those poems was later published in a book written by the editors (When the Cradle Is Empty by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter). As I took these pictures of our "empty cradle" I was reminded of the words of that poem and thought I would share it here as well. Though the words don't exactly fit our situation now that we have been blessed with three miracles through adoption, they do express the emotions that are still present during the "wait." I hope that perhaps they will encourage someone else as well!

There Is an Empty Room

There is an empty room

In which no child sleeps;

Just a rocking chair, a teddy bear,

The baby clothes they keep.

It is a quiet room

With everything in place;

But no happy sighs or lullabies,

No child in their embrace.

There is an empty crib

In the corner, tucked away;

The gentle light of the moon shines bright

As they kneel by the crib to pray …

“Remove all bitter thoughts,

Your will is what we seek.

Dry our tears and calm our fears,

Lift us up, for we are weak.”

There is an empty room

In which no child sleeps.

But they know the love of a Father above,

And His promises He keeps.



Wendy Maxwell said...

We're still praying for you! I enjoyed reading your poem, and although, we have never had an empty crib, and I have no idea the feelings you must deal with daily, I will continue to pray that God will bring that special little someone into your family once again!

Anonymous said...

Prayers continue for your family regarding adoption. You are missed on the forum you participate in from southern Texas. Hopefully we will see you posting in the near future.