Sunday, February 07, 2021

Celebrating Eva's 20th Birthday

Dear Eva,

As I type this, it is past midnight in Chile and so here it is your 20th birthday already! You are our first child and the one God chose to experience all of the many "firsts" that position entails. Today is one more "first" as you cross the threshold from your teen years, and as always I can hardly believe it to be true. 

I say "hardly" but actually I can believe it, because this year we have witnessed so much growth in you as you hesitatingly spread your wings and flew from our home "nest" to student life at the Ranch and are learning to stand on your own two feet with your family far away. We miss you but we are so proud of you!

God has been with you every step of the way and we know that will continue to be true in this new year of life. There are so many adventures yet in store in the coming months - finishing your year of studies, working on camp staff, moving to Iowa, looking for your first job and praying/planning towards starting a veterinary technician degree program in 2022. Remember that all God asks of you is to stay close to Him and His Word and He will direct your paths as you trust and obey Him.

Eva, you are not with us for your birthday but each of us still stated what we love about you! I recorded the videos, Isabel and I found pictures and she patiently edited a video that we hope will bring a smile to your face on your birthday and show you how much your family loves you. We have another surprise coming your way with some on-campus help and we hope that makes your day special also.

Happy 20th Birthday, Eva Grace! We love you and God loves you even more!

All my love,


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