Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Before the Big Trip

First things first! True confessions.  Though the date says December 25, 2014 which is when the events of this post actually happened, it was not written until literally the eve of 2016. The sound of fireworks are resounding overhead even as I type. Thank You, Lord, for sweet memories remembered and a new page of life ahead!

I love the picture above because it speaks of peace to me. Presents wrapped, tree lit, Pedro comfortably reading the night before Christmas. I can no longer remember details nor times, so I cannot say how it happened. But the picture says it did! I can, however, point out that this was a year when we yet again set up the small Christmas tree because travel post-Christmas was imminent. We also opted for a completely new color scheme with white lights and pink and green balls and beads, rather than pulling out our traditional ornaments.

Whittaker was invited indoors for the opening of stocking gifts. It is always fun to observe the expressions on our kids' faces and how they get distracted peeking at each other's gifts (knowing that there are always certain gifts that everyone receives the same!)

Disclaimer: Christmastime is summertime in Chile. Therefore, our boys will most often appear shirtless in Christmas pictures due to the fact that they sleep thus attired and bound out of bed on Christmas morning! This also means their fleece head warmers were certainly not seasonally correct - but they didn't seem to mind. :)

On the other hand, Eva's attire might lead one to believe it was a particularly cool Christmas morning for Iquique. However, the truth is that she just likes to be comfortable! Our two little girls are turning into lovely teenagers. Time flies by so quickly.

And this is the scene when presents are opened and explored. Isabel was helping Alec practice his boxing skills on a new punching bag, while Ian watched in amusement. Owen and Eva were investigating their own new items. Christmas morning is often blissfully calm and quiet as the children enjoy what they have just received!

The year 2014 was the year of rubber band creations. These were gifts to Mommy and Daddy on Christmas. Daddy's color scheme was blue and white in honor of his favorite soccer team, the Universidad de Chile. He also received a "La U" beach towel (proudly displayed below!)

We are so thankful for special friends who make Christmas extra meaningful each year. Although we know presents are not the reason for the season, nonetheless the "Christmas in October" gifts of one supporting church and the thoughtful offering of another are tremendous blessings to us as we shop for five kiddos! A sweet friend at our church in Iquique also gave gifts to each one of us (pictured below.) The girls were delighted with new watches and I was over the moon with chocolate truffles!

The day after Christmas would be a great adventure: our first-ever road trip to Santiago from Iquique. But for this one day we celebrated - the blessing of family, the joy of giving, and the true "reason for the season" which is our Lord Jesus!

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