Monday, September 23, 2013

A Week of Whimsy (in pictures)

This week of Chilean independence celebrations has truly been a gift to our family. The slower pace, the time off school and work, the opportunity to spend time with friends and one another has rested and encouraged us. "Whimsy" means "playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor" and I like to think we have had our playful times and plenty of humor as well!  Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of TIME.

Monday: Family outing to Los Lobitos

 (pictures here)

Tuesday: Alec's "18th" activity for school

attentive grandparents in the audience

Alec concentrates on his part in the back row
big sister Isabel cheers Alec on

Mommy with my handsome "turkey" boy

Wednesday: Family hike and cookout with Ruz Contreras family

(hike pictures here)

little boys plans their fun in the front yard
"big" boys enjoy fellowship and food around the grill

Thursday: Cookout/birthday celebration for "Tia Nina" at home

Pedro preparing chicken and chops on the grill
Nina with her granddaughter (and our friend) Francisca

Alec and Owen showing their appreciation for the yummy "roscas" from Tia Nina
celebrating the birthday girl

Friday: Visit to the Marinero Desconocido park with Grandpa

Grandkids with Grandpa (except for Owen who was keeping warm in the car!)
Grandpa waiting for that one big splash
kids fleeing "Forbidden Island" while the waves had died down

Saturday: Flying kites on Playa Brava with Grandma

Grandma nursed an injured kite back to life
Daddy overseeing five separate lift-offs
and they're off! success ...

 Sunday: Wrapping up the week with our church family

Two "huasas" gringas - Mommy & Eva
Boys running relays

Alec was thrilled to beat Grandpa at musical chairs
Ian with his admirers - Francisca & Deborita

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